The emotional stages of applying for internships

The moment is here. The time has come. Your resumé is as flawless as Beyoncé and your cover letter could charm the Queen of England. You may have procrastinated on this for a while, but there is still time to find your dream internship, right? Right?! Here are the emotional stages of applying for internships, as illustrated by Emma Stone.

1. With each passing day, your eyes begin to get a little more crazed as you realize it seems everyone knows their summer plans but you.

giphy (8)2. At first, you were slightly picky in your hunt for the perfect internship, but now you’re willing to expand your  search. Of course you could picture yourself as a test subject for new medications…What a great learning opportunity!

giphy (23)3.You create so many profiles on internship search websites, your family begins to think you’ve started online dating.

giphy (27)4. At the beginning of the hunt, you were confident in your skills and experience. But now you realize the other applicants seem to have been trained from birth to be your overqualified internship arch nemesis.

giphy (24)5. After applying for what seems like 1,000 positions, you anxiously wait. And wait… “Don’t mind me over here just listening to the crickets chirping through the nothingness.”

giphy (26)6. Just as you were prepared to resign yourself to summer classes, somebody calls. Hope exists!

giphy (7)7. You tailor yourself to be the perfect candidate. Research the company, read up on interview tactics, write a speech about how you are the best intern since sliced bread. “It’s not what the company can do for me, it’s what I can do for the company.”

giphy (28)8. Pull yourself together for the interview and try to act much more mature and knowledgeable then you actually feel.

giphy (20)9. They then tell you the fateful words, “We’ll get back you.”

giphy (10)10. But at long last, the company calls you back and announces that you are the chosen one!

giphy %2813%29Good luck everyone with your search and if you have already been so lucky to have nailed your dream internship, please pray for the rest of us.