Ladies who are changing the face of media

Wisecracking web writers, YouTube take-overs and freethinking fashionistas. Gone are the days of four TV channels and dial up Internet. Audiences are time shifting their content through Hulu, Netflix or a good old-fashioned DVR, watching news clips online, checking emails like Kim Kardashian checks her Instagram (often).

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So who is tapping into this audience evolution? Who has an ear to the ground and both hands wrapped around their iPhone? These ladies. Check out this list of ladies who are not only changing the face of media, but also following the trending method of digital first.

1. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin: Co-founders of theSkimm


Tired of filler content in your morning newscast? Sick of trying and failing to understand international policies explained in 30 seconds or less? So were former NBC producers Carly Zakin and Dannielle Weisberg. What’s worse? These 28-year olds noticed the standard news format wasn’t reaching viewers.

“Our friends, who are very smart and highly educated and had great jobs, were all really busy,” Zakin explained to Elle in an interview about The Skimm’s origin. “And they weren’t really connecting with a news source out there that they felt really spoke to them, or that fit into their daily routine.”

And so The Skimm was born; news highlights delivered directly to subscribers inboxes every weekday. It’s sassy, smart and my personal favorite five minute read every morning. Bonus – It’s free. Want to get in the know? Check out their blog and sign up here.

2. Cassey Ho: blogilates

What Michelle Phan is to YouTube makeup, Cassey Ho is to YouTube fitness. Forgo the gym fees, the angst filled classrooms and sketchy locker room. Who knew a Pilates palace was located in your living room?

Cassey Ho, creator of blogilates and your personal movitator, may not be the first to have free online fitness classes, but in my opinion, she does it the best. The girl makes you work. Her workouts leave you in a puddle of sweat but make you feel like you just chatted with a bestie.

My favorite part about Cassey isn’t her ability to get me up off the couch and do the 100 squat challenge (crushed it, by the way), but her ability to bring up body confidence issues in a way that empowers viewers to want to be their best, healthy selves. One of my favorites is her piece, “Nutrition is NOT a Religion.” Her further integration of personal fitness tracking with her blogiates app shows a forward thinking mind in that dancer-like body.

3. Anna Wintour/creators of Vogue videos

Anna Wintour certainly caused a media storm with her use of an “old-fashioned” flip phone, but I’m more concerned with Vogue’s video integration. Karlie Koss breaking out dance moves I believed were reserved for the ’80s? Only Vogue. In a new realm of media where content is king, Vogue (like many other magazines) has expanded from their glossy print pages to the pixel screen of YouTube. Hearing the cries of fashionistas and celeb-worshipers everywhere, Vogue’s YouTube channel features the uber popular videos “73 Questions With [ insert key celebrity here]” and other original shorts like “Rihanna Texts Anna Wintour.” The channel is like “The Devil Wears Prada” sequel in bits and chunks. Please watch religiously.