Five reasons to stay in this New Year’s Eve

Last time I checked, 2015 didn’t require a rave and red lipstick. Bringing in the new year from your living room still means you can turn down for what and here is why.

1. Because there is not enough champagne in the world to tear us away from the television screen when Taylor Swift shakes off 2014 at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest live tonight on ABC.

giphy (1)







2. Another opportunity to wear flannel pajamas for a few hours. Magical.

giphy (2)







3. Stumbling ten feet into your own bed and not wanting to kill things in the morning. Eight hours, folks. It does wonders.

giphy (3)






4. Nobody asks what your resolutions are. As if they didn’t already know.

giphy (4)

5. No cold, scary drive home. New Year’s Eve is the second  holiday that statistically has the largest number of drunk driving fatalities. Please be safe this New Year’s Eve.

giphy (5)



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