Baby, it’s cold outside


Furry friends warm your body and soul.
Furry friends warm your body and soul.

Let me tell you what Internet world. If you’re living in Iowa or anywhere in the Midwest, winter has hit. And it hit hard.

But when you live in the frozen icebox that is Northeast Iowa, you aren’t expected to just change your thermostat, but also your entire wardrobe. Being the Pinterest-y girl that I am, I love looking for a little warm outfit inspiration. Key word being warm.

During my trip down Pinner’s Lane (also called the Women’s Clothing tab), I have come to a shocking realization. Either the majority of “winter clothing” was selected by the inhabitants of a tropical isle or fashion and function have yet to meet for the winter season.

There are four inches of snow and ice on the ground, folks. Sweater leggings from Etsy aren’t going to save you from frostbite. And those  cutesy fur booties that are “winter wear?” Please don’t be surprised when you land smack on your tailbone because they have zero traction.

Now I’m not suggesting that we abandon all sense of style and wear insulated coveralls and Carhartt coats, granted that should be your snowpocalypse outfit of choice. But we should not be staking our comfort, health and possibly safety just to be on trend.

As the temperature continues to drop, here are some fashionable and functional clothing you should be switching into rotation.

1. SWITCH: Leggings for flannel lined jeans

Legging aren’t pants. When the temperature drops to  15 degrees and with an added wind chill, they’re even less like pants. Do yourself a favor and keep your legs warm so you can show them off in the summer. Bonus points if you burn your Christmas patterned leggings for extra heat.

2. SWITCH: Ugg/fashion boots for snow boots

Unless you were raised by mountain goats, Uggs or fashion boots will not provide you with any type of traction on snow and ice. You know what’s worse than slipping and falling on ice? Realizing your pride for looking cute didn’t cushion your fall. The likelihood of slipping or having wet feet can be lessened if you grab a pair of boots with a thick tred and non-slick soles, your pride and tailbone will thank you.

3. SWITCH: Layered sweatshirts for actual coats

Yes, your favorite sweatshirt is cozy. But bite the expensive bullet and get a solid winter coat. A high wool percentage wins against biting cold and a classic cut will last you a couple years. Bright, solid colors can make it fun and help emergency crews spot you when your car is stranded in a snowdrift.

IMG_14314. Head, shoulders, hands and toes

November temps are actually colder in the Midwest than last year during the polar vortex. This means your phalanges (fingers and toes) shouldn’t be put at risk. For the love of your texting ability, put on gloves or mittens. Bare skin runs the risk of frostbite in 30 minutes if not properly covered.

Wear thick socks when out and about. Bonus: they look great next to a fireplace for your next #cozy Instagram.

Grandmas everywhere are rejoicing for chunky hats and scarves are making a comeback. Dig out your Gammy’s handmade creation and sport it proudly. You’ll gain Grandma Karma, which is the main influencer for Santa’s naughty and nice list.

I hope you stay warm and safe in the coming weeks and just remember…We only have roughly four months left of winter. Just four. Whole. Months.


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