The face behind That Fresh Face

The best selfie I may ever take. Enjoying the view while visiting in Germany earlier this year.

Hello, big internet world,

So you’ve stumbled upon my blog, a fragile little thing at the moment. You either were searching for something else, clicked a wrong link or were driven here by my social media push. However you arrived, welcome. I am happy to have you.

A little bit about me and then we can get to the real talk. I am a junior at a small liberal arts college in Iowa (#IowaPride) studying multimedia communications and public relations. Blah, blah, blah. Major titles from one school to another vary as much as Iowa’s weather (meaning a lot). So what do I really study?

News. Journalism. Writing and video creation. How to take a complex topic and break it down in 140 characters or two minutes. Asking the questions others can’t and understanding that there are two sides to every story. My favorite part? Helping other people tell their stories.

Working on the set of my college’s morning show, Cedar Valley Today.

But when I am behind a camera or laptop screen all day, I’ve found I rarely get to tell my own story. Thus, That Fresh Face. I am natural, bright and ready to write. What can you expect from That Fresh Face? One young woman’s take on current events affecting college students and millennials, a few lifestyle commentaries and if you’re real lucky, my mom’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Can you tell I’m trying to get you to come back? Is it working?

Well, I don’t want to over stay my welcome in my first post. Good writing is concise, so I’ll end here.